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How do I install shower wall panels?

Our wall panels can be fitted around baths, within shower enclosures, steam rooms, kitchens, in fact, almost anywhere. They are 100% waterproof, can be fitted over existing tiles, are quick to install and easy to maintain. Wall panelling can save considerable time and money, they are easy to cut and fit e.g. one panel can cover an area of 2.4 metres* in approximately 15 minutes, in comparison to tiling the same area which could take up to a day.

If you’re not using a tradesperson to install the panels and prefer to do it yourself, you can use our step-by-step Installation Guide to guide you through the process to achieve the perfect fit and finish. It provides information on the tools you’ll need, how to cut panels, which trims and adhesives and silicones to use and how to keep your panels looking like new for years to come.

*assuming panel size is 2400mm x 1000mm x10mm

Download our installation guide
Are shower panels better than tiles?

Bathroom design and technology has come a long way with shower panels providing a simple, cost effective alternative to traditional tiles which can be more time consuming. Panels are quicker to install than tiles and easier to maintain because there is no grout to clean. They are 100% waterproof due to the innovative tongue and groove edge profiles which also means there is no need for unsightly joining trims.

Wall panels are available in a variety of sizes and designs to suit all projects, tastes and budgets and can be used anywhere in the house, (not just bathrooms*), and they rival the life span of tiles. *if using panels behind a cooker or hob a piece of fire retardant glass must be placed over the panel.

What are shower panels made of?

Panels in our Reva and Maya ranges are made of UPVC and with a depth of 10mm you can be reassured they are durable and hardwearing and waterproof due to the tongue and groove edge profile. Panels in the Mermaid range are ply-backed with a laminate coated finish.

Available in various widths and lengths with an 11mm depth, the ply-backed panels also provide a watertight finish with tongue and groove edge profiles but are also available with post formed edges for a sleek finish. We also stock acrylic and composite tile effect panels for those wanting to achieve a specific look in their bathroom or kitchen.

How much are shower panels?

This is dependent on the material and design. However as a guide, our UPVC panels start from £75 per panel and we offer free delivery to customers who live within a 5-mile radius of our showroom**. We offer discounts and special offers throughout the year which you can find on our homepage or our FB page. **delivery is possible further afield for a small fee.

Are shower panels easy to install?

Shower panels take on average 50% less time to install then traditional tiles and they can also be fitted over existing tiles saving even more time!

We have produced a useful step-by-step guide for those wishing to install panels themselves, the guide contains everything you need to know from which tools and equipment you’ll need to which trims, silicones and adhesives will be required. Our Showroom Manager Cliff, has many years of experience of installing wall panels and can help if you have any questions or queries.

Perfect panelling Yeovil